Save the time of an MVA line!

What We Do

Fast Track Tag & Title, LLC has been providing Maryland MVA services in La Plata for the past six years. We now have two new locations in Waldorf, Berry Road and US 301 Crain Highway.

How do you benefit from our services

If you have ever taken care of any business at the MVA, you know what a time consuming and daunting task this can be. Our services range from simple tag renewal to the more complex title and registration work. We take the stress out of dealing with MVA by providing the services you need in a time friendly manner. We understand the value of time. missing work to get your business taken care of just to find out that you didn't have all of the required documentation can lead to more time off of work. This can be very costly. Our staff has the experience to get your business completed right the first time without long lines.

If you've been driving for any length of time you know how it is at MVA. You get in line to get your business done and you are redirected to another line. Then after you go through the rigors of this line game you are given a number and you sit on those hard metal benches and wait, oftentimes for hours, until you see your number come up on the screen. We take the stress out of your MVA dealings and save you significant time in the process.

So come on into one of our locations and put our knowledgeable staff to work for you. The time you save will amaze you.

Things you may need

Drivers License or you must have a Maryland State ID#, a valid title, Bill Of Sale and other documentation as provided by the dealer. Any vehicles purchased from a business, dealer, auction or government agency must include a Bill Of Sale. Vehicles older than seven years old and purchased from a private party do not require a Bill Of Sale. You must be at least 18 years of age or have a legal guardian or parent as a co-signer. Maryland recognized insurance and policy/binder number and Maryland safety inspection. If the vehicle has not been inspected, temporary 30 day tags are available. Complete Form VR129 for temporary 30 day tags and Form VR-005 for title application. If a vehicle is being registered jointly, both parties must sign all forms and have or obtain a MD State ID#. Vehicles that have passed inspection will receive a permanent registration. Only person(s) listed on the bill of sale may title the vehicle.

If you are in default to the MVA for any reason and have not rectified your issues with the MVA, you may be unable to register or renew a registration for certain vehicles.

Some of the problems that could delay your renewal process include:

or any other flags administered by the MVA for Non-Compliance.

We offer a wide range of services to save you time. We look forward to taking care of your MVA needs.